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Safaris in South Africa's Game Reserves

Feel the thrill and adventure of a close encounter with wild elephant, rhino, lion, buffalo and leopard ... the big five!

Elephant - The African Elephant is the largest living land mammal, one of the most impressive animals on earth. The Elephant's muscular trunk serves as a nose, hand, extra foot, signaling device and a tool for gathering food, siphoning water, dusting, digging and a variety of other functions.

Rhino - The rhinoceros is a large, primitive looking mammal that in fact dates from the Miocene era millions of years ago. In recent decades rhinos have been relentlessly hunted to the point of near extinction. Since 1970 the world rhino population has declined by 90 percent, with five species remaining in the world today, all of which are endangered.

Lion - Lions are the second largest members of the feline family in the world. Lions are tan in colour and have a slightly white under-body, with a tuft of black hair at the end of their tails. Lions have developed a social system based on teamwork and a division of labour within the pride. The average pride consists of about 15 individuals, including five to 10 females with their young and two or three territorial males that are usually brothers or pride mates.

Buffalo - Buffalo are extremely large, ox-like animals. To support the large body, the legs are very heavy. Front hooves are larger than the hind because of the extra mass they carry in the huge head and thick neck. Both sexes carry horns, which in the males can grow to 1.5m. The African, or Cape, buffalo is a member of the "Big Five". Once popular trophies for hunters, these animals are unpredictable and can be dangerous if cornered or wounded.

Leopard - The most secretive and elusive of the large carnivores, the leopard is also the shrewdest. It is the strongest climber of the large cats and capable of killing prey larger than itself. Leopards are mainly nocturnal animals but are also seen during the day, especially in the early mornings and late afternoons.

Elephant - Game Viewing

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